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As     of     March     1,     2016,     the     Lake     Arrowhead     Village surrendered     to     the Arrowhead            Lake A   s   s   o   c   i   a   t   i   o   n     ownership    of    37    of their   slip   rights,   after 3   years   of   refusing   to pay    their    dock    fees, late      fees,      transfer fees       and       interest totaling   over   $87,000 owed     to     the     ALA.       The   Village   chose   to   keep   only   2   docks   and   dock   rights   to accommodate   The   Arrowhead   Queen   and   for   the   McKenzie Water    Ski    School.        Now,    the    Village    has    the    contractual obligation   to   pay   ALA   for   only   2   docks   annually.   ALA   filed   a lawsuit   against   the   Village   for   their   delinquent   dock   fees, but   both   parties   came   to   an   agreement   without   incurring court    costs.    The    Village    reportedly    paid    ALA    $70K    and surrendered   37   slip   rights   and   docks   to   the   Association. Though    ALA    gave    the    Village    permission    to    utilize    the junked   38   slip   Yacht   Club   dock   back   in   2013,   the   Village never   had   any   rights   to   these   slips.   Since   its   relocation   to the   McDonald’s   area,   the   dock   has   posed   a   problem   for   all concerned,   even   though   the   Village   got   the   benefit   of   its use,   ALA   members   complained   about   the   dock   being   in   bad condition and the Village failing to properly maintain it.  A    big    issue    for    the    Village    now,    is    that    they    have chosen   to   surrender   their   37   dock   rights   along   with   the physical   slips,   and   now,   it   appears   that   the   value   of   their property   has   declined   by   several   hundreds   of   thousands   of dollars.      It   is   difficult   to   put   a   valuation   on   a   commercial   slip right   as   they   can't   rent   the   slip   overnight   per   ALA   rules. There   is   also   the   loss   of   valuable   assets   to   the   Village   when it   surrendered   their   physical   docks,   as   large   multiple   docks can    cost    over    $200,000.        Documents    from    the    Village's recent    refinancing    indicate    that    they    claimed    to    own    49 slips,   while   according   to   a   reliable   source,   the   Village   has had   only   39   slip   rights   since   2009   after   they   surrendered   10 slip   rights   back   to   ALA,   ironically,   for   nonpayment   of   dock fees.  A    big    issue    for    ALA    is    that    now    that    they    have possession    of    all    the    Village    docks,    the    recent    Member Advisory   Ballot   made   it   clear   that   their   Boating   Members voted   2-1   overwhelmingly   that   they   didn't   want   to   pay   for the   Village   Docks   operation   and   maintenance.   The   question now   is   how   will   ALA   pay   for   all   the   newly   acquired   Village Docks,   their   associated   costs   and   loss   of   dock   revenue   from the    Village?    It    does    not    appear    that    there    are    funds allocated   for   this   new   expense   in   the   2016/17   Operating Budget   which   was   just   approved   by   the   ALA   Board   in   a   4-3 vote    at    the    February    20th    ALA    Special    Board    Meeting. Additionally,    as    part    of    the    same    4-3    Board    vote,    ALA members   are   going   to   be   hit   with   a   15%   increase   in   dock, overnight   boat,   beach   club,   general   membership   fees   and $200.00   increase   for   Day   use   boat   fees   within   a   $4.2   Million Dollar    Operating    Budget,    putting    ALA    in    the    red    in    the amount   of   $118,000.00   starting   their   fiscal   year   as   of   April 1st, 2016. 

MacKay Park Gets Tree Planting


On   Saturday,   August 29th,     MacKay     Park received       a       huge donation   of   70   trees from   the   Arrowhead Lake          Association   Garden     located     at Tavern     Bay     Beach Club.   Jack   Cooperman,   ALA   GM   Jim   Grant   along   with   many volunteers   including   our   own   Supervisor   Janice   Rutherford help    in    the    process    of planting      all      of      these young     trees.     The     trees will   be   irrigated   with   non- potable   water   throughout their    first    two    to    three years   during   the   summer months,    and    then    they will    stand    on their    own    from    that    point    forward.        The addition   of   these   trees   will   provide   needed   shade   in   the warm   months,   a   barrier   to   the   wind   in   the   cold   months,   and a pleasing view year round to the visitors of the park.  MacKay   Park   was   opened   in   July   of   2013   in   honor   of Audrey    MacKay    and    her    grandson    Jeremiah,    who    died tragically   in the   line   of   duty   as   a   detective   with   the   Sheriff’s Department. Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club Fleet Review and Boat Parade
ALA DEMONSTRATION GARDEN  RE-DEDICATED Saturday, June 11th, 2016 a rededication ceremony was held at the Arrowhead Lake Association’s Demonstration Garden in honor of the late Lori Pearson, who designed and helped maintain the garden.  Now known as the Lori Pearson Memorial Demonstration Garden, a large crowd of friends, family, the Soroptimists and members of the community gathered to honor Lori. In attendance was Lori’s son Brian, sister Elaine and life partner Jack Cooperman who spoke about Lori’s dedication to this garden.  Located at ALA’s Tavern Bay Beach Club, the garden is open to everyone. Lori’s knowledge and expertise in creating a beautiful garden, provides visitors with a setting of available native and adaptive trees, shrubs and ground covers for planting in our area. The garden also has a holding/nursery area for native trees to be used for reforestation on ALA property.  Short Term Rentals The issue of Short Term Rentals (STR’s) in our mountains has been both good and bad for our communities.  Citing over-crowding, excessive noise, and blatant disregard for the neighbors, many local residents have taken their issues to the Lake Arrowhead Municipal Advisory Council.  The County is in the process of revising its current Ordanance regarding the STR’s.  The Lake Arrowhead MAC formed a committee to work with local residents to offer suggested revisions to the current Ordanance. It is the goal of the MAC STR Committee to present suggestions made by the committee, local residents and Realtors dealing with these short term rentals.   Sign up for San Bernardino County’s Telephone Emergency Notification System!  In an effort to quickly communicate information on impending dangers, the San Bernardino County Sheriff and Fire Departments send high-speed mass notifications via telephone and text messages. This system is known as the Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS). The County uses a database of landline telephone numbers, which is updated every six months, to send emergency messages to landline phones only. By signing up, residents can also receive emergency text messages on their cell phones. Those without Internet connections can sign up by calling 2-1-1 or (888) 435-7565.  Follow the link below to sign up.  SB FIRE CHIEF'S SON, 20, FOUND DEAD IN LAKE ARROWHEAD  The body of a missing 20-year-old man from Rancho Cucamonga was discovered early Sunday morning January 29, 2017 by divers in Lake Arrowhead.  Dawson Hartwig, the son of San Bernardino County Fire Department Chief Mark Hartwig, had last been seen about 5 p.m. Friday January 27, 2017 when he left a rented cabin near the lake and went for a walk. Hartwig did not take his cellphone or other personal property with him. More than 70 San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies, search and rescue volunteers, K9’s and dive team members searched for Hartwig over the weekend. Friends of Hartwig called the Twin Peaks Sheriff Station on Saturday morning after he did not return to the cabin, officials said.  Search teams checked the area near the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club docks around 1:00 a.m. where Dawson Hartwig was found deceased in 30 feet of water, officials said. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department at (909) 387-8313.